• 15th-Aug 2023

Upgrade Your Riding Experience: Discover the Excellence of MOTRIX Motorcycle Switches

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Elevate Your Ride with MOTRIX Motorcycle Switches: Unleash Precision Control for Enhanced Performance

Mastering perfect riding control starts with the switches.
MOTRIX Motorcycle Switches redefine your riding experience, right from the moment you engage.
Our switches not only deliver functionality but also promise safety and exceptional performance.
Through high-quality materials, we offer durable and reliable control tools for you, enabling you to fully enjoy the thrill of riding.
Whether on urban streets or rugged mountain trails, MOTRIX Motorcycle Switches ensure your journey begins safely and smoothly.


Wire & Varied Connector Material

High-quality copper wiring in our motorcycle switches ensures excellent conductivity and durability.
Renowned for superior electrical conductivity, copper guarantees reliable signal transmission.
Manufacturers prioritize optimal performance, reducing signal risks.
This choice enhances switch longevity and responsiveness.
And we also provide a variety of connectors and terminals to meet customer needs.


Manufacturing precision is crucial for motorcycle switches.
Combined with a precise manufacturing process and waterproof ratings ranging from IPX4 to IP68,
these switches not only safeguard internal components but also guarantee uninterrupted control of crucial functions.


OEM-Style & Universal Switches

Every client has unique preferences and requirements. That's why we provide a range of options, from OEM-style to universal switches.
Our OEM-style switches are designed to match the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring a seamless fit with your motorcycle.
For dealers seeking versatility across a wide range of motorcycles, our switches offer compatibility and customization options.


Also, you can experience true customization through our services.
From wiring and connectors to colors, you have the power to curate every detail.
Elevate your offerings and create a truly unique experience for your customers.


Enhance your ride with our motorcycle switches, ideal for replacements or new vehicle assembly.
Benefit from high-quality assurance and extended service life, ensuring optimal performance and safety during your rides.


You can learn more information in this video:


We provide a lot of product, such as stop switches, light switches, starter switches.


Contact us: doris@elysiummotor.com