Professional Motorcycle / ATV Spare Parts Supplier Since 1994.

The Best One-Stop service for powersport parts from Taiwan

We are a professional powersport parts and accessories exporter in Taiwan since 1994.

We have been helping our customers to manufacture various products over 100,000 items on our production line.

Our main products include with Air/Oil/Fuel Filters, Sprockets, Levers, Gear Levers, Switches, Mirrors, Winkers/Tail/Head Lights, Cables, Gaskets, Footrest, Grips, CNC parts, Engine parts, Electronic parts, Transmission parts, Handle Bars, Mufflers, Tools and Accessories...etc.

Not only provide the products,but also provide you with a promise!

About Us

ELYSIUM CO., LTD. is the major worldwide supplier of the parts and accessories for Motorcycle, Scooter and ATV for more than 20 years. Our strengths are superior quality control, efficient management, and most importantly is the sincere service we provide.

MOTRIX has a complete one-stop service, please feel free to submit your needs to us. MOTRIX can help you to find the products you need; all you need to do is to provide the samples to MOTRIX.

Whether packaging design or product customization, MOTRIX can do it all!


Are you looking for parts & accessories of Dirt bikes / Street Bikes / ATV. UTV / Scooters / Snow Bikes / PWC ?

Over 1 million brand new products for Global Delivery.

We supply powersport parts For Honda. Kawasaki. KTM. Polaris. Suzuki. Yamaha... and other common brands.


MOTRIX Can Help You To Start Your Business Quickly !

Over 1 million genuine products

Full range of Levers / Sprockets / Gaskets / Filters / Oil Seal Kits / Cables / Bolt Kits / CNC Parts / Tools...

Ready to ship

Various products are in our inventory program.

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Why Choose MOTRIX ?

We are professional powersports spare parts supplier.

Our customers have the advantages of working with more than 500 specialized manufacturers, as well as the additional benefit of communicating with only one supplier.

We offer a full range of services to meet customer needs,and focus on reducing customer costs, thereby increasing customer profits.


Wide-Ranging Products

We provide over 100,000 products in OEM and aftermarket. From spare parts to repairing tools,from everything you need for riding to a promise.


MOTRIX only supplies High Quality Products


MOTRIX provides 100% brand new andhigh quality products for every customer.We do carefully select the material and check strictly during the whole process to ensure the high quality.

MOTRIX also has a strict inspection term in our warehouse.

Warranty claim: We provide product warranty when there is any problem with the product.


Detailed Digital Catalogues

MOTRIX has detailed catalogues for all product lines to our customers.

We made it with our experience for over 27 years and always keep updating.

To make sure all the customers could find their needs in convenient and correct way.


Time Saving & Cost Reduction

MOTRIX provides perfect product search service and global buying process, which can save your time and money to purchase all your needs at once.

Product Search

Different Orders




New Product Development and Customized Services

We can provide different materials such as Rubber, Plastic, ABS, Iron, Steel, Alum., Titanium, Paper, and others... etc.

In order to facilitate customers’ customized products. Customers just offer us with your drawings or samples to make your own products.

We also release new products to our customers every month to expand our customers’ production line.


Extra Service

Not only provide the products, we also provide the solution.

Make your products much more outstanding than any other companies! We supply extra service to help you to create your business identity, such as laser logo service, package designing and label sticker service.

Laser Logo

Package design

Label sticker


Worldwide Delivery & Tracking

We deliver your orders worldwide via common air couriers in price. Such us: FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, Post Office.

We also provide one-stop service for sea freight shipment.

MOTRIX will track your orders until the goods are completed in your hands.