• 07th-Jul 2023

Exploring Different Motorcycle Handlebar Options. B2B Motorcycle Accessories

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There are dozens of different motorcycle handlebar types you could find in any motorcycle parts sites.
But how to choose the right one for your business?


In this video, we are gonna tell you why it would be a great choice to buy handlebars from MOTRIX.

(1) Materials and production

Mostly we choose the same material as some well-known brands which is the AL7075 and AL7050 with T6 heat-treatment which are usually used for aircraft and military purposes.
For competition use handlebars, AL7075 or AL7050 with T6 heat treatment are highly recommended.
Materials suitable for everyday use such as AL6061 are also available. Also available in steel and stainless steel for a wider selection.
All materials and production processes are 100% made in Taiwan.

(2) Customization
We can make the handlebar exactly the same as your own design
Longer/shorter/thinner/ thicker or adding crossbar
Various surface treatments can be performed on just 1 handlebar 

Name it and we will make it!
We also offer laser engraving on the handlebars.
No matter lines for the clamps or your own logo, we could laser them all for you.

(3) Handlebars endurance / fatigue testing
We conduct durability tests on each batch of handlebars,
80 kgs each side with 100,000 push-ups.
It shows that our handlebars are strong and hard to be bended and broken
Test conditions can be customized. 

(4) Professional experience
We have been and are currently working with several MX/dirt bike manufacturers
It's proof that we're more than just a shoddy aftermarket parts seller.
Our quality has been proven by many well-known brands.

We also supply related parts including handlebar grips, risers and many other motorcycle/MX handlebar accessories.
If you need OEM or custom motorcycle handlebar parts, please ask MOTRIX about your needs.
We always strives to provide suitable parts for almost all motorcycle models.