• 16th-Jun 2023

*Exclusive* Aprilia RX125 SX125 aftermarket lever

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We have recently launched our latest product, the LAR-249;
it is an aftermarket lever exclusively for Aprilia RX 125 SX 125 2021 to 2022,
and we believe it presents an incredible opportunity for you and your business.


Fitment (OEM No. : 2B008249): 

Aprilia RX 125 2021
Aprilia RX 125 2022
Aprilia RX 125 (Apac) 2021
Aprilia RX 125 (Apac) 2022
Aprilia SX 125 2021
Aprilia SX 125 2022
Aprilia SX 125 (Apac) 2021
Aprilia SX 125 (Apac) 2022
also fits for Gilera, Moti Guzzi and Vespa.

The LAR-249 is a game-changer in the motorcycle parts market,
and we are proud to be the only supplier offering it in the aftermarket. 
Here are some key reasons why the LAR-249 should be on your radar:
1.    Quality: We share the same manufacture with the OEM supplier and this lever is made by ADC6,
this material has higher tensile strength than ADC10 and 12.
Higher tensile strength can better prevent the fracture when bike fell.
2.    Exclusive Availability: We are the only supplier who has access to the LAR-249 in the aftermarket so far.
This means that by partnering with us, you will gain a competitive edge by offering a unique product that others might not have access to.
3.    Unbeatable Price: Compared to the OEM options available, our pricing for the LAR-249 is significantly more competitive.
This means you can offer your customers an exceptional product while maximizing your profit margins.

We firmly believe that by incorporating the LAR-249 into your product lineup,
you will not only attract more customers but also enjoy increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

If you would like us to provide any additional information you may require.
Please feel free to reach out to MOTRIX at your convenience.

****This lever is not available for Spain from June 2023 to June 2024****