Looking for motorcycle levers?

  • 08th-Jun 2022

Are you looking for a full range of motorcycle levers? Just find MOTRIX!
MOTRIX has high-quality levers by using “Aluminum Die Casting 10 or 12”. If you’re looking for more durable levers, I will recommend you our forged levers, which have been forged many times to get strong.

Based on feedback from our many clients, they have the same experience with the lever that is fragile to break.  Moreover, those levers are made from ADC6(lower cost) and had been made in some countries in Asia. This problem had been solved since they met MOTRIX, we supply the levers which have been made from ADC10, and ADC12, instead of ADC6.

Our wide range of styles includes OEM Levers, GP Levers, wide blade levers, adjustable levers, folding levers, and lever assembly.
Come to ask for our high-quality levers for quality tests.